Saturday, May 2, 2015

A is for Amos

If you want to have an epic moment in the day, find a place from which you can watch the sunset and listen to the theme from Jurassic Park (sounds a bit creepy.. but feels nice). That's what I did on Record Store day. This year it was special for me because my first printed book of illustration released by Avery Hill Publlishing saw the light of day at Gosh! Comics in London. Unfortunately I couldn't be there, so as I said I was enjoying John Williams's heroic soundtrack at home and being in London only in spirit.
"A is for Amos" is an ABC of illustrated musicians/bands, and it is something I've been meaning to create for a while. I am so grateful to Ricky and David of Avery Hill Publishing for being incredibly helpful, creative and supportive and helping the book see the light. Thank you! Thank you!
It feels so amazing when an ethereal idea takes shape and turns into something you can share with others, touch and even smell hah! - who doesn't like the smell of newly-published books? It feels a bit like magic, doesn't it? And Avery Hill Publishing was responsible for the transformation bit.

I wanted to share some sneak peeks from the progress as well as the finished book with you and let you know that if you would like a copy, this is the place to purchase one

And if you do get one, it would be lovely to hear which letter is your favourite! It took me quite a while to make up the list. I had to sacrifice some of the musicians I love because their names all seem to begin with the same letters (either B or J... but who knows maybe someday there'll be volume 2

and I'll be able to fit everyone in!). I did enjoy the process - it was a feast. Music and illustration are my two passions and they now co-exist in this little book, which is something of a love letter to all musicians whose music has been a driving force for me in life and in art.
Hope you enjoy looking through it as much as I enjoyed drawing it!

<<< PS This picture pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole thing : )
Thanks for attention and a beautiful weekend to all!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

All Pencils of Mine Are Sugar-plums

The blog's name comes from one of Lewis Carroll's syllogisms (oh how I love solving them on a rainy day..)
here it is:
(1) There are no pencils of mine in this box;
(2) No sugar-plums of mine are cigars;
(3) The whole of my property, that is not in this box, consists of cigars.

The clue to which is : No pencils of mine are sugar-plums

Sorry, Mr Carroll, but my pencils are definitely sugar-plums!