Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top 10 music moments in film

I often find that art needs music played while looking at it. Music helps memorise emotions better and in combination with the sight creates a memorable impression. My drawings need a soundtrack of their own, too, but then I always draw to music and so associate a certain artwork of mine with a melody or a song. A perfect synthesis of music and visual representation of an idea is a double pleasure, a rare thing. I decided to make a top 10 list of my favourite music moments in cinema and maybe you can add to it! I bet I forgot something important.

10 Institute Benjamenta: one of the strangest and most fascinating films I have watched.

9 Fellowship of the Ring: There's so much magic and grandeur about this scene that it's overwhelming

8 Twin Peaks: memory of my childhood, just the music - not the series, don't worry.

7 Pulp Fiction: Tarantino definitely knows how to make one cool title sequence


6 Coraline: I don't watch cartoons, except this one. Every October, just because it gets me in the mood for autumnal adventures. The song is perfect.

5 2001 space oddyssey: no comment

4 Moon: I've never become hooked on the soundtrack so early on in the movie. The theme is repeating throughout and I am never ever tired of it. Ideal mood for the sci-fi mystery

3 Conversation: This melody! Like a vein throbbing in the head of a victim and a thought meandering through the mind of a murderer 

2 Vertigo: No comment on the movie/director/actor/composer/or anyone involved. pure genius behind it all. But just wanted to say how well this same theme was used in a stage play An Inspector Calls, by Stephen Daldry - quite as impressive!

1 Servant: This for me is a perfect synthesis.