Sunday, September 21, 2014


  I've been preoccupied with the notion of "real life" as of lately. The recent worrisome happenings in Ukraine and other parts of the world made me think about which situation is best described as "real".

In my passively contemplative research I came to a conclusion that everything is real, even your wildest dreams. But at the same time everything is changing and re-shaping. By change and comparison we break the habit of our reality and become more open-minded and able to accept the realities of others. Something we think is unreal was or will be real at some point in history.

 It all started because I've been hearing advice on that we should live the "real life". It always sounded a bit arrogant to me, as if the person suggesting it fought in one of the World wars, went to space and generally had experience spanning hundreds of years. However, the advice is most often heard from those dissatisfied with their lives.

There are so many people for whom having no running water for days or not being paid on time is out of the ordinary, while for others it is common, something they actually learn to expect. I personally, like some Jane Austen character, spent half my school days writing (homework) by candlelight, because the government was saving on electricity. And my childhood was spent in the 90s, not in the 19th century.

Others don't have electricity at all. or home. or food, while some people have difficulty deciding which car to drive to a fancy party.

 But it's the material side to the real life. I guess other sides are even more complicated. Which mentality and way of thinking is more real? Is Maths more real than Literature, because usually you have only one exact answer to the problem, while in books you can have as many opinions as you like.
I really want to see this "reality" checklist, when you've experienced everything in order to be qualified for a real person who is living a real life.

Do wars feel more real than peace?  Probably in life without problems one gets used to the goodness of it and having a sudden obstacle feels like taking a cold shower. then people say they were brought back to reality. To be honest I don't understand why we associate reality with a negative change. Reality is different for everyone, right?

   On this optimistic note, I'll put an end to the tiresome ramblings and share this video with you that I made for the wonderful Moth Rah


  1. This is such a thoughtful blog post. It makes me want to be more thoughtful and write more interesting things.

    This is something I think about too - I've often sensed disapproval of artists for their interest in things which are 'imagined' as though this is less important than material considerations. But I feel like the things we imagine, our visions, dreams etc. are an incredible, essential part of life and also an almost completely mysterious, barely understood phenomenon. I can never understand how something so grand and strange is dismissed.

    Also, I think that understanding that reality is not a fixed thing is terribly important if people are going to make an effort to cooperate and live alongside each other. Otherwise we shall all be trying to shout over each other and beat 'the truth' into one another until the end of the world.

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