Thursday, November 14, 2013

Music post or Help! I can't stop drawing.

  Well, my recent diet has been mainly made of music and sketches. They seem naive but they help me build up a perfect world of my own in my head (which probably is not very normal) OK, am I rambling yet? I'd better turn off the music. I find writing while listening to some post-punk bands makes me indulge into self-pitying bullshit.
  So in this music-less room I'm going to share with you some things that have happened to me lately. Consider everything written above void, as I was listening and singing along to Joy Division, who are very influential!
 Last week I came back from London, which is a totally different reality, time and space from the place I live in (Chernivtsi) and going there is pretty much like getting punched in the face... in a good way??? haha.
   So, besides my usual business which is WorldTravelMarket, I also met some of my friends and new acquaintances, enjoyed the beautiful lighting in "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" and learned about prime numbers, bought some more books, because I have "so much" space at home, watched people from the doubledecker buses, missed yet another Nick Cave gig (for the 20th time!), felt miserable and got cheered up by strangers, spent nearly all my money at Cass Art and generally strolled and strolled around the city ...
  Now I'm back to my well-learnt routine from 7am to 1am which is work, work, lunch, draw, draw, draw.
 The result of my work can be summed up in the following phrase: AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
The result of my drawing routine for some past months you can see here:
The cover art I did for Lyla Foy 's beautiful and haunting song Easy


This is for the upcoming album by the lovely Alanna Eileen

Here's Morrissey, who didn't ask me to draw him
And Lou Reed. 
Lou Reed's music has been with me since my first days at the university. Then I went to the USA to study and spent my December and half of January in NYC (an almost permanent holiday, by courtesy of my favourite provost Tom and understanding professors) and musically NYC was for me then and remains to this day the embodiment of Lou Reed's songs... and vice versa. Hanging around Union square and listening to 'Sunday morning' was very much like travelling back to the time I never knew. 
This is to be continued. 
Await more drawings 


  1. Drawing and enriching your beautiful imagination are MUCH more important than money and iPhones. The world has it's priorities wrong - whatever makes you happy is the most important thing. I'm very glad and grateful you produce your beautiful work, because it inspires me and I'm sure it inspires lots of other people too. Thank you for being you, Daria!

  2. Hello Daria! It's been awhile since I've been around and I'm so glad to see that you are being prolific with your creative, personal world of art. Your drawings have a special quality of communicating more than just the surface idea. I especially love the album cover you made for Alanna Eileen and I'm right there with you on "Sunday Morning" in NYC. Beautiful image! xoxo

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