Monday, October 21, 2013

a very long post

  Evening! It's been a while and I'll tell you why.
Firstly, I have been getting ready to move to a new flat (with a view, but sadly not in Florence). I am very excited about this and although the new flat's tiny, I'm not a giant either and I will still have more space for my drawing and collage making, dancing while preparing lasagne and having friends over as well as welcoming a cat or a dog friend. There's still lots to be done but with a little bit of patience I'll be soon posting some of the pictures of my new personal space. For now, here's the lovely little place I'm leaving:
This September I was part of the collaborative PRISMA Artist Collective (founded by Kaspian Shore) show at Distinction Gallery and produced work with the wonderful artists Nicole Gustafsson and Vahge:

Over the summer I also fell in love with photography. After the Depeche Mode concert (a very rare treat for me) I couldn't stop re-playing in my head the video footage for this gig created by Anton Corbijn. You know drawing something helps me to relieve the culture shock of the beautiful things I've seen. Otherwise I'm overdosed on impressions.. and this is not good. Just couldn't get over it, so I drew these: 

In fact after looking at some great photographs by Corbijn,  Kevin Cummins and Rankin I decided to give myself a try at photography. With a little help of my friends: 
Apart from that I've been drawing like mad, but it's not exactly news
Oh, I also re-discovered Genesis and Peter Gabriel, I think some of their songs are phenomenal. 
...contributed my work to Melon Shrub zine in celebration of Smashing Pumpkins' "Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" album and illustrated an interview in Lionheart Magazine. I will share more of my contributions and commissions soon. 

I also enjoyed Peaky Blinders,
met new friends,
ate half a cake in one day,
had my hair cut, 
went to the mountains,
and have been painting lots of furniture, walls and occasionally and accidentally my own hands and feet.

Are you still reading? Then you have just won a special medal for patience made of love and air, and my eternal respect. 
Thanks so much for reading and looking! 

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