Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dear Fashion + Drawing The Pictures!

I've received some good news and wonderful packages since I last blogged! 
The talented Emmi of Dear Fashion sent me a copy of this beautifully-made journal (my collages are on the cover and inside! very proud :) This exclusive little book is not to be missed by fashion enthusiasts. It makes a very interesting read, besides being a feast for the eyes, as it is filled with beautiful illustrations and photographs! If you want a copy, you can buy one here and keep updated about other fashion news on facebook! 

Another lovely publication called "Drawing The Pictures" I received was from Gerlin of Coincidental Happenings The zine is devoted solely to cinema and features artworks of the favourite movies of contributors along with their writings. A little treasure full of illustrated movie recommendations! To buy one, please click here! :) 

Thanks for reading!
a happy weekend to everyone


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