Saturday, December 29, 2012

a year almost gone

 This year has been filled up to the brim with everything, which included the good, the sad, the happy and the unusual.
 This year my granny Eugenia passed away. It was a very sad moment, a very sad fortnight. But if you come to think of it, what is a sad moment against a long and happy life? Nothing! Sad moments pass and go and what I remember about my granny is not the way she passed away but the time she spent with us.
 Now here are some of the nice things that happened in 2012 in an almost chronological order:
 The first was the wonderful Secret7s project and Florence Welch choosing my artwork to accompany her "Only if for a Night" single. 
Next was fantastic news from the extremely talented artist and a very dear to me person, Kaspian Shore ,
who invited me to join PRISMA Artists Collective and of course we've already had some great shows in the UK and the US.
I made my own facebook page 
which at first seemed like a strange idea, but eventually developed into a source of motivation and inspiration for me. Thank you so much for keeping me company there! x

 This year I've also had some great commissions related to music (it's always a treat!) One of them was designing a beautiful Moth Rah EP
I can't but mention my trip to Firenze... where at first I nearly experienced a Stendhal syndrome)) (or rather gelato syndrome)) I'm definitely coming back to Italy again. and again, and again! 

Quite recently I've come back from London, from World Travel Market and of course enjoyed the company of my friends, met new wonderful people and tasted the best cakes in the city! I couldn't miss
out on The Twelfe Night at the Apollo, which was the funniest thing this year so far, thanks to Mark Rylance. I can't remember laughing as much.
There was a trip to The Natural History museum and I realised with relief that I'm no longer scared of the model of blue whale in there.
 Me and Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo did a portrait swap this year, too, which was great as Alvaro is one of my favourite artists) 
I was happy to collaborate with some fantastic magazines like Lionheart Mag , New Empress Film Magazine, Storygraph literary magazine, Dear Fashion among others.
I finally produced my own limited prints, thanks to my dear friend, who is also an extremely talented harpsichord master, Huw Saunders
Hmm.. what else.. at last I watched "The Hobbit" and thoroughly enjoyed it, I discovered Johnny Flynn and got fantastic support from his friends and fans online (thank you Rebecca!x), I ate lots and lots of cheese scones and met some great people and talked about fantastic things. Next year I promise to work even more, to make even more people laugh and laugh myself, to
make a zine, eat more often
be more serious in particular circumstances
spend more time drawing
be nice and never let frustrating thoughts keep in my mind for more than 2 secs.

I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good!

Have a great 2013!



  1. Well done! I hope the new year will be even more successful for you! :)

  2. you are a beatiful artist and wonderfull girl:)

  3. wow that's a lot that you've achieved in a year! good job! Hope that you have a great 2013. Love seeing your work. Thank you !