Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Tale of Darles Chickens, PRISMA and Music Regime

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

'Tis the day to be jolly as I with many many others celebrate Charles Dickens's 200th birthday! It's also my mum's birthday and we are having a cake. And on this special day all I wish you, dear readers, is to live a long happy life and read Dickens! Read The Tale of Two Cities, re-read David Copperfield, sing a song from Oliver Twist musical, watch Mickey's Christmas Carol, grow a lovely beard if you're a gentleman and buy yourself a beautiful new dress if you're a lady, take a holiday at the sea-side and remember: 'tis love that makes the world go round!
Today I also want to share with you some spiffing news! I have become a proud member of 
PRISMA Artist Collective, which is an international artist collective consisting of 26 creatives from all around the world who engage in active discussion and collaboration. Now isn't that exciting? And this all happened (and is still happening, there are group shows coming up!) by the magic of Kaspian Shore, who is not only a very talented artist and a world-renowned magician, but also an idea-generating individual and a dear friend. I can write the words of admiration for all the artists in this collective, among them  Mary Jane Ansell, of whom I've been a great admirer since I first saw her work at the NPG in London, also my Mexican friend Lady Orlando, who uses her magical powers to create worlds of wonderful art, Nicole Gustafsson whose woody fairy-tale landscapes I adore and many others, you'll find more about everyone and the links on PRISMA facebook page! I will also keep you updated on what happens in the group, there are going to be giveaways, interviews (some of them are already online) and of course shows! So stay tuned, as they say!


  1. Привіт, Дашенька!!! Вітаю твою маму із днем народження! А також Чарльза Діккенса сьогодні вранці привітала! :)))))))

    Величезні обійми радощів! Я дуже щаслива і рада за тебе!
    Ти чудова, талановита, казкова! Тому багато сонця там, де ти! КЛАС!!!! ВІТААААААААЮ ТЕБЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ!!!!

    Щиро і радісно!

    Твої малюнки мене захоплюють! А в цих якраз проростають і квітнуть дерева та нові пагони! Ти неймовірна!!!!!!!!!! :)))))
    Милуюся і захоплююся твоєю графікою!!!!!!!

  2. LOVE your Dickens illustrations and so glad to hear you're celebrating his 200th birthday too! :]

  3. Congratulations! I'm sure that the collective will be a wonderful way to expand your horizons!